Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Finding Your Calm

Who doesn't need a little calm in their lives? Can I get an Amen!?
Did you know that there are certain oils that are scientifically proven to be more effective for calming our brains or helping us with occasional anxiety than other oils? Here's why: I explained it in my video, but here it is in text so that you can take notes. Some oils contain a compound called Sesquiterpenes. Sesquiterpenes allow these oils to surpass the blood/brain barrier. What does that mean, you ask? Well, they can miraculously reach the very part of our brains that is necessary in order for our brains to be calmed. Our amygdala is housed in our limbic part of the brain. Our amygdala can send us into Fight, Flight or Freeze when any of our senses are heightened. Our bodies are amazingly created to protect us from harm so they know to arm ourselves in fear when something is off, sensory speaking.
The example I gave is this, imagine you are in your living room and someone drops a pan in the kitchen. That loud crash sends your body into high alert. It's technically going into immediate fight flight or freeze mode. What happens to your brain? Here’s, the little brain lesson I shared. We have an Upstairs brain (responsible for rational, logical thought) and a Downstairs brain (it contains our survival reactions). When our body is sent into high alert, we no longer have access to our Upstairs brain. We are "stuck" in our Downstairs brain. Well, when that happens, we need our amygdala to be calmed in order for our body to give us access back to our rational, logical part of our brain, our Upstairs Brain. Oils high in sesquiterpenes do just that. They calm our amygdala, giving us access back to rational thought. Isn't that amazing!?!? The amygdala is reached through our sense of smell or olfactory system. Essential oils can reach this level of the brain while chemicals cannot because they are inhaled rather than ingested. Diffusing oils is an excellent way to get them into the air and into your olfactory system.
This is why many people find it helpful to diffuse calming oils, roll them on their chests or wear a diffuser necklace if they are experiencing occasional anxiety or if they are hoping to relax a get a good night’s sleep.
Here is a list of calming oils, most of which contain very high amounts of those sesquiterpenes I was talking about:
Stress Away
Do some research. If you need some calm in your life, find the combo that works for you and be empowered now knowing exactly why it's working for you!

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