Wednesday, April 13, 2016

In Loving Memory

This brilliant woman has left a legacy that is indescribable. Though we never met face to face, she has touched our lives more than most. She has given us hope. She has taught us how to love our children well and to make sense of the unique struggles we face as an adoptive family. I'm so grateful she was able to see her staff step in this weekend and do her proud before she went to meet Jesus. So heartbroken over this news. I never knew you could mourn so hard for someone you never even met, but she impacted our lives so profoundly. Bless you Karyn Purvis and thank you! Prayers for the many many people she touched who are mourning with us.


  1. Who is this lady?..I would like to read
    why she is well known to you.

    1. This is the amazing Karyn Purvis. She is the author of The Connected Child, the greatest resource ever written (in my opinion) for adoptive families. She was the Director of the Child Development Institute at Texas Christian University and pioneered the incredible TBRI method of parenting kids from hard places. She will be greatly missed.