Saturday, July 16, 2016


This little cutie is not so little anymore. He’s 5 today! I can honestly hardly believe it, but when you meet your child at 17 months old, 5 comes pretty fast. 

We made a paper link for the 10 days leading up to his birthday. He could hardly stand the excitement of tearing one off each day. He wanted to make one 2 months ago. Ha! 

He’s such a live-life-out-loud kinda kid. Full of energy as soon as his eyes pop open in the morning. He has the kindest heart. Loves and cares for his brother in a way that makes me so proud. Has an excitement about life that’s contagious. 

A rule follower at heart even though he likes to push the limits. Loves God and sings about Jesus all day long. Has a bit of a fiery temper, but can use his words to explain his feelings in a way I’m not sure most adults could. 

He’s super smart with what we’re pretty sure is a photographic memory. He’s tender and super sensitive and as compassionate as they come. 

He has my whole heart. We’re connected in a way I’ve not been with any other human being. Don’t worry, Ryan understands😉 It’s so good for our souls. Healing. So much of our stories are the same. 

God is doing big things with this boy. So grateful I get to be a part of it. My life changed the day he became mine. Happy Birthday my sweet Gideon!

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