Friday, July 15, 2016

One Step Ahead

Trauma is hard for people to understand sometimes. That it actually effects their brains. Their daily lives. 

My kids get very overstimulated quite easily and when their brains get flooded they lose the basic survival instinct. It’s like a 12-18 month old who has absolutely no understanding of danger. We often need to be one step ahead to keep them safe. No, this isn’t hovering helicopter parent stuff. This is a serious safety issue. 

So, we have camp coming up. It’s a big deal. Taking all of us way out of our comfort zones and stretching us quite a bit. I mean there will be SWIMMING,  people. Oh dear Lord. 

So what do we do about that? 

We prepare. 


We visit ahead of time. Several times. We skip church to go early on Sunday morning when we know we’ll have it all to ourselves. We practice being calm and present in our surroundings when no one else is around to overstimulate. We scope out “danger zones” that we’ve experienced before to warn the teachers. Whoever made playground sets was definitely not a mom, by the way. Good grief. We educate, being careful not to over-share, saying just enough, but not too much, to those who will be caring for them, hoping that maybe, just maybe they will understand and not just peg us as the annoying overprotective mom and dad. 

But most of all we pray. 


We remind ourselves that He loves them even more than we do and that He is in control. That we don’t want to keep them from these amazing experiences because of fear. We need to be brave. All of us. 

So pray with us friends. 

I may or may not bite every single one of my fingernails off waiting to go pick them up on the first day. I'll be slathering stress away all over myself.

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