Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Belly Breathing

Did you know that shallow breathing is a trauma response? Funny when you figure out that you don't breathe right. It effects your vagus nerve which controls your parasympathetic nervous system. It can even effect digestion. It's something that stems from holding your breath due to trauma. Do you clench or grind your teeth also? I may or may not do that too 😁Taking 5 breaths in while filling your abdomen, holding for one count, and then breathing out to 5 while bringing your abdomen back in can help. It can even lower cortisol, your stress hormones. I'm starting the practice of doing this 5 times a day for a sequence of 5. And it looks like yoga might be my new best friend. Goes hand in hand, for many reasons. Join me.

This is a great video to show your kids too...


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