Monday, August 1, 2016

Day 11: Focus Blend

Focus is a common theme for back to school. It’s hard to get back into the routine of sitting in a schoolroom + listening to your teacher all day, when you’ve been free all summer! Well, don’t fret - there are many different combinations of oils for you to try. One of my favorite blends to make is a Peppermint, Citrus Fresh and Rosemary roll-on. Apply to the back of neck when studying. It would also be a great diffuser combo for when the kiddos are doing homework. Try 4 drops Citrus Fresh, 3 drops Peppermint and 2 drops Rosemary in the diffuser. Peppermint and Citrus Fresh may support concentration and alertness. Rosemary may support memory function. Put them together and they are the perfect trio to get your focus on! Thanks to @whimsyandwellness for this helpful tip!

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