Sunday, December 11, 2016

12 Days of Christmas: Day Eleven- Bedtime Oils

Day Eleven: Bedtime Oils

On the 11th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...some bedtime oils to keep us feeling nice and cozy.

White Angelica contains pure Melissa and Bergamot essential oils, promotes feelings of protection and security when diffused, and can be used to guard against negative energy.

Cedarwood has a warm, woodsy aroma that creates a comforting, uplifting experience. Use Cedarwood oil to add its invigorating scent to your life through aromatic and topical uses. You can also create a calming yet powerful environment when you diffuse this oil or add it to massage oil blends.

We put 2 drops of each of these oils in our diffusers at nighttime. We've done the same oils for almost 2 years now and have been thrilled with them.

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