Friday, August 11, 2017

Start your journey to wellness

Let's break it down...

*PURIFICATION-to get rid of that stinky boy smell or whatever stinky smell YOU currently have in your house 😉

*THIEVES VITALITY-to keep that immune and respiratory system kicked into high gear. Drink it in tea or pop it in a capsule

*LEMON VITALITY-to sip in my water or tea and to gain that important D-Limonene daily. Look it up. It's a powerhouse.

*STRESS AWAY-well hello, who doesn't need some of this!? It does what it says.

*LAVENDER-what CAN'T you use it for is the better question. Skin, relaxing, calming.

*DIGIZE VITALITY-ingested in a capsule, water, coffee or tea. So soothing.

*PEPPERMINT VITALITY- Sip this in water, pop a capsule, drop on your tongue to support your digestive system. Even pressed to the roof of your mouth. That's my favorite. So refreshing and freshens your breath. 

*PANAWAY-used after exercise or rubbed on my belly once a month. 

*COPAIBA VITALITY-such a powerhouse oil. It has very similar constituents to marijuana. Just sayin. Ingest in a capsule or in tea. 

*FRANKINCENSE-if it's good enough for baby Jesus, it's good enough for me. Right!? Great for skin but it's also such a relaxing smell. We ❤️Frank!

*RC-THE best in the diffuser at nighttime, rubbed on feet, or mixed with coconut oil to create a chest rub.

This is just a very small sprinkling of what these bad boys are used for. Don't catch yourself without these amazing products. Get that wellness box together and be prepared. Remember...daily nutrition, not symptom management. 


I will send you what I call an Oily Supply Kit which includes all the extras so you can dive right into your kit...roller bottles, capsules and carrier oil. Yay! You will also be added to our amazing Facebook page, This Oil House Support Page. Our team is incredible and you will learn so much. You will also be added to This Oil Schoolhouse, our page that we post monthly FREE classes. Education is definitely key on this wellness journey.

The pic above shows what's included in the Premium Starter Kit that we got signed up with. Here's the free Oily supply kit too..

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