For years, I had prayed and prayed that God would bring me my husband. Little did I know he was right under my nose! I joined eHarmony and within a week I was matched with Ryan. The process they require is pretty extensive so we weren't even allowed to email until we had gone through their "guided communication" rules. The last step was to ask each other a question and Ryan asked me, "What is one thing you really enjoy doing that you one day hope your spouse will enjoy doing with you?' Well, I said I LOVE my church. All of my friends and family are there and I want to eventually come here with my husband one day. I knew Ryan lived in the same area as my church, based on his profile, so I asked if he had heard of it. His response blew me away..."I GO TO YOUR CHURCH TOO!" I remember sitting there and actually laughing out loud, "Of course, Lord, of course this is how it's going to happen!" It just seemed too funny! He was always attending the 9am service while I was serving in the nursery and when I came into service, he was already gone! How many times could we have passed each other and not even known it?

So, we decided to meet at church that Sunday. It was quite an interesting first meeting. Ryan's entire family was visiting so they came with him and my whole family comes with me so it truly was A FAMILY AFFAIR :) We went on our first date the next night and it was the beginning of something beautiful!

We were engaged 5 months later and married 6 months after that in the wedding of our dreams! God has blessed us so richly with each other!

A few months later we decided to ditch the birth control and try to start our family! I can still remember the anticipation and excitement at the thought that we could be pregnant any time now. And that is the start of our crazy infertility journey which led us to the beautiful gift of adoption!

After adopting our boys, we dove head first into learning as much as we could about trauma and the brain. We wanted to know how to best help our boys' hearts heal. It's been an incredibly challenging and painful journey in many ways, for all of us, but so beautiful and redemptive as well. And God has brought it full circle for us with our knowledge of Essential Oils and the brain. It all connects in such tangible ways and we just want to shout it all from the rooftops so we can help as many people as possible. If you are desperate for help, there is HOPE. Let us help!