We are the Rennos: Melissa, Ryan, Gideon and Bishop. We’re so happy you found your way here. Let me tell you a little bit about us.

Ryan and I have been married since 2009. We met on eHarmony which we still laugh about, but it gets even crazier… about a week into our communication, we realized we actually went to the same church! And so began the amazing story God was/is writing for us. We always knew adoption was in our plans. We just didn’t know in what order, but after years of unexplained infertility, we were brought to a place of true surrender and our excitement and dreams of adopting far exceeded those initial desires for pregnancy.. It was a LONG process, but our boys were totally worth the wait.

Gideon has been home with us since December 2012, and Bishop joined our family in February 2013. You can cilck on the boys’ names to see their adoption videos, but be sure to grab a box of tissues first.


Bringing our boys home from China presented a series of challenges we couldn’t have anticipated. The most immediate pressing need was that we were REALLY tired. Our baby was sleeping only 6-8 hours a day for quite a while. That included a nap. As you can imagine, that was a hard hard time for us all.

Thankfully, I attended an adoption conference a few months into our adoption journey where I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils. After some time, we found our beloved Cedarwood and White Angelica diffuser combo. It was and continues to be an absolute miracle for our then two-year-old, now six-year-old. From the first night we diffused it, he slept through the night AND started napping daily! Those little bottles literally changed our lives.

If you would’ve asked me in those early days if I was interested in growing a business slinging oils, I would’ve laughed in your face. It’s true. I was SO overwhelmed. Two adoptions in two years. Weekly speech therapy. Trying to bond with our new babes. No way was I in a position to do that.

But guess what? The most unlikely thing happened. A happy accident as I like to call it. All I did was shared what was working for us with literally anyone who would listen. I mean as far as I was concerned, EVERYONE needed these oils! (Spoiler Alert: I still feel that way.) Before I knew it, I had a thriving business that is blessing our family immensely. I literally cry every time I talk about. We are just so grateful that God has entrusted this to us. So so grateful.

Not only is Young Living a blessing to our family, but also to the nearly 11,000 other families on our team whose lives have been forever changed by these products. We’re talking generational change here. Our kids will never know another way. Their kids will never know another way. It brings me to tears. It’s been such a fun adventure learning to lead other women to a place of FREEDOM in wellness, purpose and abundance for their families.

I'd love to help you get started. Whether you are ready to make some healthier choices or you are ready to walk in true freedom in every way, there is room for YOU at the table. We dove into our journey and never looked back. It started with much needed calm and sleep and then true wellness, healthier emotions, more energy, improved digestion, healthy skin and so much more all naturally followed.

We have two cleft-affected boys, one of whom was very very sick his first year home with us. We’re talking 14 ear infections in one year. Once we switched to a daily prevention routine… NOT ONE ear infection in nearly 5 years. NOT ONE sick visit. NOT ONE copay. This is not magic friends. It’s science. Prevention is where it’s at and we’re here to teach you how to do it. How to become the GATEKEEPER of your home because no one is going to care more about the health of your family than you. Can’t wait to chat with you!! Join us!