I have a challenge for you today. Do you know what you're actually putting on your body every day?

There’s a way to figure it out and I’m going to teach you how. It’s called the Think Dirty App. There’s also one powered by the EWG (Environmental Working Group) called Healthy Living. Download those apps and start scanning the products around your home today. You will be shocked and appalled. At least I was.

These things are entering your bloodstream friends. So many products on the market today are causing major health problems and many of us don't even realize it. That means our kids are being exposed to these things day after day, year after year too.

Let me be clear that there is no judgment here. I didn't know either, BUT when you know better you do better, right!?

I have no doubt that my infertility was caused by the lifestyle I had growing up and into early adulthood. I mean I was a makeup artist and hairstylist for almost 15 years, inhaling and applying so much toxic crap, before I figured this whole thing out. But infertility is not the worst of it...these things cause sickness, gut issues, autoimmune disease, eczema, rosacea, hormone disruption, asthma, major respiratory issues, even cancer and much more.

Are you getting sick all the time and don't know why? We need to wake up! We all want to live our healthiest life with the one body we've been given, right? It's our job to be the gatekeepers of our own homes and to protect those we love. It IS possible to make healthy changes.

I mean look...Now that's a good looking shower! Safe, clean, toxin-free products that work because you guys know I'm a girl who needs products that work! My kids can use anything I use without worry. So go download the Think Dirty App or Healthy Living App and scan your products. See what you need to Ditch and Switch. Your family is worth it and Young Living makes it easy.