Gideon wanted to show you the boo boo on his finger. Good thing he has no clue what that actually means. LOL

What he does know is how to use his KidScents oils. This time we reached for Owie oil after a lego incident.

I love the KidScents line for so many reasons...

1. They WORK!!!
2. They’re pre-diluted so kids can use them themselves which is SO empowering!
3. They teach our kids about natural health and wellness!
4. They prevent trips to Walgreens in the middle of the night because we have everything we need right here which is super empowering for us as parents as well! No sick visits in 4 years! #canigetanamen mamas!?

This is how we use our KIDSCENTS…

TUMMYGIZE for little bellies. Rubbed around belly button after too many sweets or when they need help in the potty department. ;)
SNIFFLEEASE for little noses . Rubbed on at bedtime to breathe easy or diffused as well.
SLEEPYIZE in the diffuser for the best night of sleep.
OWIE for accident-prone kiddos.
GENEYS for focus, attention & calming. Diffuse during homework time. They can wear to school on a bracelet to smell throughout the day or bring a roller along to roll on their neck when they need to take a test.

If you have kids or you’re a human, you need KidScents! Definitely not just for kids.