Store bought coconut milk is SO dang expensive. Like $3 just for one tiny little single serve container 😳 I am definitely not a cheapo when it comes to healthy food. I mean we are what we eat and our overall health is definitely based on our nutrition so it’s 100% worth the money to me.

But when you can make something yourself and avoid the added fillers and gums too, I’m all about it.

MINIMALIST BAKER has a great 2-ingredient coconut yogurt that’s super easy and super yummy!

Just full-fat organic coconut milk and we use Young Living’s Life 9 probiotic capsules because, well...they’re the best!

Mix together and pop in your oven (temp off) with the oven light on for about 24 hours depending on how tart you like it and then pop it in the fridge after that and have yogurt!!

I thought going #dairyfree was going to be really hard for me, but it turns out it hasn’t been and my body is thanking me. Goodbye inflammation! It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you put in the effort, your body will thank you!