Just three days later, he was getting back to himself. More focus. Following multi-step directions. Participating in conversations. Funny as can be.

Almost two years ago, Bishop was struggling with speech. Focus. Answering questions. Simple daily tasks. Unless you were someone who was with him regularly, he would’ve been very hard to understand.

In one of our monthly Young Living orders, we got a free bottle of this brain health supplement called MindWise. We started giving him the child’s dose because we figured we had nothing to lose and after 4-6 weeks, we noticed incredible changes. He started speaking in clear crisp paragraphs. Was sleeping more soundly. Was able to follow along with conversations. Just more “in his brain” if that makes sense. It was an answer to prayer.

Well that product went out of stock at one point and we were without it for a few weeks. #momfail To say we noticed a major change in him would be an understatement for sure. It’s was a rough month. 

Just three days after receiving our new bottle and we got our child back. Three days. It’s one of those things we need to not be without. Worth every single penny to have the real Bishop come back to us. So grateful for natural safe ways to give our child what he needs to thrive.