Healthy kids. It’s not something we take for granted. When we first met our boys, they were so sick all the time. 14 ear infections in one year for our little Bishop. Respiratory infections. Catching every single bug that went around.

That’s when we decided it was time to do things differently. That’s when we learned about daily prevention instead of symptom management. It’s a routine that takes mere minutes each day and it has given us 4 years of ZERO sick visits to the doctor, ZERO Copays, ZERO antibiotics, ZERO otc drugs. We want to STAY well, not fight our way back to wellness when something hits us each month and now we have the tools to do just that.

These boys know more about wellness and supplements and healthy eating and oils than I ever did growing up. Heck they know more than most adults. It’s exciting to know they will live healthier lives because of it!

Our old story doesn’t have to be what we accept as “normal”. It’s NOT normal to be sick all the time. I promise you it’s not. Take charge of your health and you can discover just how amazing your body was made to feel.

This is their Daily Supplement Routine.


+NINGXIA RED...antioxidant support, immune health

+SUPER C...all the vitamin c

+MIGHTYVITES...daily multi-vitamin

+MIGHTYPRO...daily probiotic that tastes like a pixi stick without tons of added sugar (support that gut and everything works better)

+MindWise (for Bishop)...brain health supplement/focus/concentration/mood

To witness the 180 that we witnessed once we began this whole Daily Prevention thing feels like a total miracle. We want this kind of peace of mind for everyone.