Transfer buying is where it's at friends! You earn points for products you'd be buying anyway. You just buy YL instead of at your typical retailers. Far superior products are delivered to your door and you get free stuff too. What could be better? 

If you're serious about creating a chemical-free home, Essential Rewards is the way to go. Here are some videos of me unboxing my Monthly Wellness Box, as I like to call it. Good stuff!

Contact me to help you get signed up! I ask you to commit to a 3-month Essential Rewards challenge to change the health and wellness in your home. I will help you make small changes that will translate into HUGE results and I can almost guarantee you won't want to stop. Make your health and your family's health a priority. 

I hope you enjoyed getting to know your Premium Starter Kit. My desire is to help you to get the toxic chemicals out of your family's home and to start on a journey to wellness. Contact me at for help getting signed up for Essential Rewards.