Lavender is one of the most versatile essential oils. Diffuse two drops to create a calming environment. It is such a relaxing scent to unwind from a long day. It's a great one to add to a nighttime bath for that very reason.

Also, add a couple of drops to your favorite natural body lotion (we love the YL Lavender lotion or the YL KidScents lotion) to moisturize and enhance skin radiance. 

Also, diffuse it for a fresh, clean scent and to eliminate odors.

To create elegant dishes that will impress your friends and family, add Lavender Vitality to your recipes. The herb has a sweet, slightly floral flavor that pairs well with both rich and light foods. 

Although more popular with sweeter recipes, Lavender Vitality oil's benefits extend to savory dishes as well. Put a new spin on a classic meal and pair it with chicken, lamb or even potatoes.

To avoid overwhelming your food, start small. Try dipping a toothpick in your oil and then swirling the toothpick in your food. 

Make homemade fruit jams, lavender-lemonade or a citrus sorbet. Try out some shortbread, pound cake, ice cream, meringue or whipped cream recipes. 

And finally, Balance Lavender Vitality is savory dishes with herbs such as thyme, rosemary and oregano.  

Can you see why Lavender has earned the name The Swiss Army Knife of Oils? I'd say that's pretty accurate. When in doubt, grab for your Lavender. It's so incredibly versatile.  Maintains healthy skin, promotes a calm environment, day and night, and with the Lavender Vitality oil, can also be ingested. We keep a bottle in our kitchen for easy access when the kids get a little crazy and start running on the sidewalk and I may be known to have some kitchen blunders from time to time. Hehe! 

Who knew you could add essential oils to your mascara, right? One drop of Lavender and one drop of Cedarwood in a new tube is what I do. This combo smells amazing. Not only is it great for your lashes, but try this combo in your diffuser at bedtime too. See how versatile your oils are. There are sooooo many uses. Cedarwood is a really inexpensive addition to your Essential Rewards order too at just $11.25 for a 15ml. That's about 250 drops!


Lavender is great on it's own in the diffuser for nighttime, but it's also heavenly when added to other oils such as White Angelica, Gentle Baby and Frankincense to name a few. You can also purchase blends, on your Essential Rewards order of course, such as Tranquil or Rutavala. 

In the springtime especially, we are constantly diffusing Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint oils. We also ingest the Vitality oils of those three with Copaiba Vitality as well.

Hope you enjoyed Day Five of diving into your Premium Starter Kit. Next up...FRANKINCENSE!