A mix of joy, grateful hearts and Valor essential oil.

We don’t go anywhere without it. It’s my perfume. It’s Ryan’s cologne. Its why people tell us we smell so good 😉It’s confidence in a bottle. It’s a tantrum tamer. A set-them-up-for-success bottle of magic.

Valor is our go-to.

Here are a few more reasons we love Valor:

💜Provides courage & confidence
💜Feels amazing on the shoulders, head, and neck
💜Attention getting aroma for both men and women
💜Initiates calm & improves mood
💜Fabulous during massage or after a chiropractic adjustment
💜Relaxing to leg muscles
💜Soothing to the jaw and other joints
💜Excellent for snorers 
💜Balances the spirit
💜Amazing workout support
💜Supports restful sleep
💜Great for memory
💜Calming for babies
💜Muscles and skin love Valor!!!