Essential oils - they’re less complicated than you think! The key is to USE THEM!

The place to start is getting a starter kit. Choose one of the following to start your oily journey:

  • Premium Starter Kits (Oils & choice of Diffuser)

  • Savvy Mineral Starter Kits

  • Ningxia Starter Kit

  • Thieves Starter Kit

Follow these steps to order your kit:

  1. Select the first box “Member.” When you purchase a kit, you automatically receive a membership to YL with all the listed benefits in that box! 

  2. A box will pop up with This Oil House LLC (That’s us!) as your Sponsor and Enroller. Click “Continue.”

  3. Select your kit/diffuser! You can start with any of the premium starter kits. This is where you choose your diffuser if you’re getting an oils kit. (I recommend the Desert Mist to start with. It runs for 10 hours so it’s great for nighttime!) 

  4. Click the box that says “Use the selected Premium Starter Kit as my first Essential Rewards Order and sign me up for an ER subscription.” (details below) This way, you automatically get a FREE oil and you can change your order monthly. (It’s totally optional and no strings attached.)

  5. Click “Continue Enrollment.”

  6. Provide your contact information. Create a username/password for your personal Young Living account.

  7. Go to “Commissions Processing Information”. I recommend adding your social so that you can earn commission. It’s completely optional, though! But get this… if your friend buys a kit from you, YL sends you a $50 thank you check!

  8. Provide your shipping information. I recommend choosing FedEx or signing up for YLGo or YLGO+. It’s like our very own version of Amazon Prime.

  9. Provide the payment information you’d like to use for this purchase and future purchases. 

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions throughout the process and beyond!

Essential Rewards


Essential Rewards (ER) is our monthly wellness box program. This is what I always recommend doing from the start. It’s the best way to ditch and switch out the harmful products in your home and trade them for safe products from YL.

Each month you can add the items you need for your family. To start, I recommend the Thieves Household Cleaner (the only cleaner we use in our entire home), Cedarwood and White Angelica for calm and sleep and Valor for calm, courage and to wear as perfume.

That’s a start and then you can change up your order every single month. When you need toothpaste, add toothpaste. When you need makeup, add your makeup. When you are out of your supplements, add your supplements. You get the drill.

At enrollment, you just click that little box and add your extras where it says “Customize your ER kit” in Step 2. Add products, then click “Save Monthly Order.” Finally, confirm your ER order and click “next.” You’re all set.

ER tips:

  • You have until midnight the day that your order processes to change your order each month. 

  • Essential Rewards is only available for wholesale members.

  • You must place a 50PV minimum order each month to retain your percentage earned and to redeem your points.

  • Double check your order the night that it processes to see if anything has gone out of stock. If things go OOS (out of stock), they won’t be included in your order.

  • Redeem your Essential Rewards points for FREE product. Will you be a points hoarder or a points spender? ;)