The Premium Starter Kit is truly the gateway to Young Living essential oils. It’s how you join the family, and it’s the perfect place to begin your oily journey.

Here’s what you’ll get in your Young Living Premium Starter Kit: A High-Quality Diffuser + 11 Amazing Oils


Thieves Vitality

Keeps those immune and respiratory systems in high gear; drink it in tea or pop it in a capsule.


Stress Away

Does just what it says; roll it on when you need a moment.


Peppermint Vitality

Refreshes your body, aids digestion. Sip this in water, pop in a capsule, drop on your tongue, or press a drop to the roof of your mouth. So refreshing.



Soothes and revitalizes skin and provides a relaxing aroma; if it's good enough for baby Jesus, it's good enough for me! This one is high in sesquiterpenes.



Gives a cooling sensation and a comforting aroma when applied topically or inhaled, especially after a workout.



Swiss Army Knife of Oils; diffuse it or rub it on your skin for health and relaxation.



Provides relief after exercise or rubbed on your belly once a month. You can also add to Epsom Salts for a dreamy bath time experience.


Citrus Fresh Vitality

Uplifts and refreshes when you drink in a glass of water. Helps curb appetite. Add to a capsule to support your immune system. You can never get enough D-Limonene (google it).


Lemon Vitality

Provides daily D-Limonene (Look it up. It's a powerhouse!); put a drop in your stainless or glass water bottle.


Digize Vitality

Soothes a disrupted digestive system; ingest in a capsule, water, coffee or tea or rub it right on your belly.



This is a must-have oil. My absolute fav! It’s a temper-tamer, confidence-booster, emotion-calming powerhouse.


Diffuser Options

Choose from Desert Mist, Dew Drop, Rainstone or Aria Diffusers!


Plus, you’ll get…

  • PEACE & CALMING ESSENTIAL OIL….tantrum tamer, bedtime-must, stress-reducer

  • Samples of NINGXIA RED, an antioxidant powerhouse containing wolfberry

  • Sample of THIEVES HOUSEHOLD CLEANER, the only cleaner you’ll need for your house

  • THIEVES WATERLESS HAND PURIFIER…the only silky, moisturizing & effective plant-based purifier I’ve ever tried

  • TWO AROMAGLIDE™ Roller Fitments that will turn Stress Away, Valor or Peace & Calming into use-right-away rollers

  • And more!

You can get your starter kit by using my link here.